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All Bio Plant food USA

ALL BIO - Organic Plant Food for Vegetable and Edible Greens foliar spray to covers approx 1,800 sq.ft (10g) or 9,000 sq.ft (50g)

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Organic Nutrients/Biostimulants for both Indoor House Plants and Outdoor Plants

  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6.22 x 4.09 x 0.28 inches; 0.63 Ounces
  • 🥦NATURALLY MAINTAINING AND PROMOTING HEALTHY VEGETABLES AND EDIBLES GREENS - Promote plant growth and increased photosynthesis, encouraging studier, greener stems and leaves. Rich of nutrients - In a form of various AMINO ACIDS which is specially formulated for organic VEGETABLES and all other EDIBLES GREENS such as broccoli, tomato, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, spinach, and all other greens.
  • 🥬INDOOR / OUTDOOR PLANTS - this perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor house plants. This Organic Vegetable Plant Nutrient also works best together with our Organic Plant Growth Booster formula.
  • 🌶100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC - ecologically safe. “Better for you and better for the planet!” We call it "Plants Nutrients " that supplement  "Fertilizer”, but full of nutrients for your plants and it works amazingly well that we want you all to try!!
  • 🥕SUPER GREAT VALUE - Mix 1 little Spoon (1g) of the recipe that comes in the bag, with 1 liter of water and see great results. To enhance performance, use the 2:1:1 ratio of Product:Growth Booster:Water included in the "How to Use" artwork under "All Bio Tips". In addition, add spraying frequency to see even better and faster results.
  • 🍅EASY TO STORE - All Recipes of All Bio Plant Nutrients is extremely easy to store. Our product comes in a resealable bag, with the actual product being a dry powder form which is light, powerful and long lasting.


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